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Nursing Home Neglect: Protecting Your Loved Ones

Unfortunately, as our loved ones age, they often cannot take care of themselves like they used to. If no one can step in to personally take over their care, then families may become forced into putting their loved one into a nursing home.

Many quality nursing homes exist throughout the United States that employ qualified and caring medical professionals and staff members. But that’s not always the case, and in such cases, nursing home neglect can occur.

According to the Illinois State Police, over 100,000 elderly people are living in approximately 1,300 long-term care facilities in the state. They estimate that over 12,000 of those seniors suffer abuse every year.

Federal law requires that nursing homes protect and promote the rights of residents. But because of fear of retaliation by the staff — who the residents rely on for care — the number of cases of neglect and outright abuse is almost certainly underreported.

Warning signs include unexplained injuries and/or bruises, increased fear of being alone after family members leave, malnutrition, lack of cleanliness, and medical needs not being met, among other things.

How tragic is it to imagine a family member suffering in silence, feeling like they have no option but to endure the discomfort, shame, and pain of neglect and/or abuse? This doesn’t have to continue.

When you’re visiting your family member in a nursing home, pay close attention to what you see around them. If you feel like something is wrong, it often is. Make certain that your loved one understands that you’re their advocate and will take care of any problems that arise. They need to know they can confide in you and tell you the truth about mistreatment.

If an elderly family member or loved one of yours is suffering due to an injury caused by nursing home neglect/abuse in Illinois or Missouri, contact us today. Your loved ones deserve the best care in their elderly years, and a nursing home should face charges if their negligence resulted in an injury. Perica Law firm believes in protecting those who cannot protect themselves. We provide personal attention to every client!

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