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Product Liability Law Firm Explains the Three Categories of Defective Products

Because of the tremendous variety of consumer products on the market, there are many ways that product defects occur. How these defects cause injury depend on the specifics of each product. However, all product defects will fall into one of three types: design defects, manufacturing defects, and marketing defects.

The designer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer may be held liable if you can show that a design flaw, a manufacturing mistake, or an informational omission or mistake caused your injury rather than a mistake made on your part. A product liability law firm can help determine the liable party.

The Three Categories of Defective Products

Design Defect

The design of a product is the “blueprint” that directs manufacturers how to make the product. A flawed design means that all the products manufactured from the design are defective. An example of this is when a designer specifies a weak material for a blade shaft for a circular wood saw. When the consumer uses the saw, the weak blade shaft snaps and releases the circular blade, which causes a severe injury.

Manufacturing Defect

In this case, the manufacturer fails to follow the design. For example, when the manufacturer accidentally uses a blade shaft of the wrong metal, an injury occurs because the blade shaft is again too weak to bear up to the stress of operation. The shaft breaks and the circular blade again separates. This type of defect only affects the specific products made with the wrong shaft.

Marketing Defect

This occurs when incorrect labeling of the product, omission of important safety warnings, or insufficient instructions causes unsafe use of the product by the customer, which then causes an injury.

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