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A Review of Worker’s Compensation

Though you probably have heard about worker’s compensation, most people don’t think about it, until they are injured and need it. Most business owners should have some sort of worker’s compensation plan in place, just in case of an emergency.

Worker’s compensation is a sort of insurance policy that can be used when an employee becomes injured, no matter whose fault the accident is. It covers any type of injuries that happen, even if it is due to carelessness. It covers a very broad variety of injuries, though there are some limitations to when it can be used.

Worker’s compensation can’t be used any time that drugs and alcohol are involved in an accident. Most states require a drug and alcohol test prior to using worker’s compensation.

If a worker caused him or herself harm, worker’s compensation benefits will not work. Employers also don’t have to use worker’s compensation when the employee gets hurt because he or she is not following the rules at work. If they are violating a law or company policy, they are liable themselves, instead of worker’s compensation.

Many people also try to get worker’s compensation to cover accidents that are not job related. They might get hurt at home, doing something similar to their job, and they try to place the blame on their employer, making worker’s compensation pay. However, it is really important that the employee is injured at work, doing his or her job to get the benefits.

Worker’s compensation is quite helpful when you are injured, as long as you were following the rules and you were hurt at work. It is just as important for employers to have it because it keeps them from being sued.

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